Untitled-1, Red hole, C print, 75x100cm, 2004
Untitled-2,Green pond, C print,100x125cm,2004
Untitled-3, An unknown object, C print, 100X125cm,2003
Untitled-4, Hidden,C print,100x125cm, 2003
Untitled-5,Double nature,C print,100X125cm,2004
Untitled-6, A paper horse, C print, 100x125cm, 2004
Untitled-7, The resurrection, C print, 100x125cm,2004
Untitled-9, A reflection, C print,100x125cm,2003
Untitled-13, An angel, 100x125cm, 2004
Untitled-11, Abstract clothes,C print,125x150cm, 2004
Untitled-10,The blue ribbons,125X150cm, 2004
Untitled-14, In the shallow surface, 100x125cm, C print, 2004
Untitled-15, The birds, C print, 100X125cm,2004
Untitled-17, a deer cast, 130x100cm, C print, 2004
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